• Tuesday, May 9, 2023

    Private Fintech Company Conference

    Hosted by Deutsche Bank Securities


We are pleased to announce Deutsche Bank's Private FinTech Company Conference will be taking place at the Deutsche Bank Center on Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

Deutsche Bank Center
One Columbus Circle
(enter via the 58th Street lobby)
New York, NY 10019

We invite you to register and access sessions with executives from high-profile private fintech and emerging payments companies. Additionally they will be available for one-on-ones and small group meetings during the conference. Finally, we will bring everyone together for a cocktail reception on the Deutsche Bank Center terraces overlooking Columbus Circle and Central Park.

For more information, please contact your Deutsche Bank representative or the Conference Team:

- Lead Planner: Kristen Ruccatano at +1(212)250-4661 or kristen.ruccatano@db.com
- One-on-One Manager: Donna Lichvar, donna.lichvar@db.com

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